I have decided to end my beloved Ballet Character Classes. As much as I love dancing with your children, my time has come to bid farewell as their teacher.

I have had such a wonderful life and time dancing with all your children. Watching them grow into their creativity has been such a joy! I am very interested in keeping in touch with any of you parents who would like to inform me of the dancing career that your child has chosen.

I am so proud to hear that a few of my former students have gone on to perform with the Long Beach Ballet. One of my former students, Vera, danced the part of Claire in the famous Long Beach Ballet “Nutcracker Ballet.” She, along with her little sister Camilla, danced in that same spectacular show directed by David Wilcox.

Another student, Marisa, was so happy to announce to me that she graduated to Pointe Class at the Long Beach Ballet.

Here is Vera as Claire in the Nutcracker Ballet:

And here is Marisa in all her grace, from my classroom to the Long Beach Ballet Pointe Class:

I am so proud of them and of all my students. So parents, please keep in touch, keep me posted when your little one becomes famous! That would be such a joy and dear to my heart.

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