Evelyn (right) and her sister Cindy (left) as children.

Evelyn Grauten

Evelyn has been performing and acting (according to her family) since she was born.  As a young child she began her Ballet training at the Albert Ruiz Dance Studio in Long Beach, CA. She continued training and performing at various studios and schools. She was a member of the Dance Works modern dance company directed by Joyce Gabriel.

Evelyn found her love of stage directing by watching and working with her mentor Sheree King at Long Beach City College. Evelyn currently choreographs and directs children’s dance recitals for both Long Beach Parks, Recreation & Marine and City of Lakewood Recreation & Community Services.

Evelyn’s fitness training began at an early age as well. She found the importance of Pilates training during her dance conditioning at Long Beach City College. She has previously received a Pilates instructor certification.

Evelyn is careful in her instructions and stresses the importance of proper positioning in all her exercise and dance routines.

Evelyn continues to practice her love of Ballet, yoga, and Pilates. She teaches Pilates Mat Class at the park at the Colorado Lagoon in Long Beach.

Evelyn (closest to mirror) during her high school dancing days.

Evelyn strikes a pose in Huntington Beach as the “kite guy” lands his kite in her hand.

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