Outdoor Fitness Classes

Evelyn is excited to offer outdoor donation-based classes at local city parks in Long Beach, CA.

Classes are announced weekly via email. Email evelyngrauten@yahoo.com to receive weekly class alerts.

Evelyn’s outdoor fitness classes offer a wonderful mix of therapeutic stretches, mindful Pilates, and peaceful yoga. Evelyn pays close attention to your individual levels and modifies accordingly for you.

Time and Location:
Classes are typically held on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Most classes start at 10:00am and end at 11:15am, unless otherwise noted in the weekly email.

Classes are located outdoors at Wardlow Park, Marina Vista Park, and/or Recreation Park. The weekly email will specify the exact location within the park that class will be held.

Suggested Donation:
Classes are available for a suggested and much appreciated $10 cash donation.

What you need to bring:
Please bring your yoga mat to class.

You may also want to bring all your comforts, such as yoga blocks, resistance bands, towels, juice, and anything else you may need. Be sure to bring your water bottle and stay hydrated during class!

In the unlikely event of rain, either the night before or early that same morning, class will not take place.

Looking forward to seeing you in class and helping you achieve your fitness goals!

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